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Aug 16, 2017

Elvis Presley, The King of Rock'N'Roll, dies On This Day in 1977 in a 2nd floor bathroom in his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee (repeat)

Aug 10, 2017

The murders of Leno & Rosemary LaBianca by the Manson Family, On This Day in 1969 (repeat)

Aug 6, 2017

The atomic bomb codenamed "Little Boy" is detonated above the Japanese city of Hiroshima in the final days of World War 2, On This Day in 1945. (repeat)  

Aug 4, 2017

Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother are found murdered in their Fall River, Massachusetts home On This Day in 1892. Suspicion soon falls on 32-year-old Lizzie. (repeat)