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Oct 20, 2017

A chartered plane carrying southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd crashes in a wooded swamp near Gillsburg, Mississippi killing six including lead singer/founding member Ronnie Van Zant On This Day in 1977.

Oct 16, 2017

Marie Antoinette loses her head at the hands of Monsieur de Paris, Henri Sanson, and his Guillotine, On This Day in 1793.

Aug 29, 2017

Hurricane Katrina makes landfall On This Day in 2005. (repeat)

Aug 23, 2017

On this day in 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson enters a bank in Norrmalmstorg square in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Olsson takes all 4 bank employees hostage. The bond that Olsson and his 4 captives form over the next 5 days, the hostages sympathizing with their captor, will be called Stockholm Syndrome. (repeat)